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Posts about free open access to scholarly publications and data.

Session Proposal: Open Access and the History Dissertation

Scheduled for 2:30-3:20 in Room 601, 66 W 12th Street In 2013, the American Historical Association put out a statement encouraging graduate programs and university libraries to allow students to embargo their dissertations for up to 6 years. They wrote, “History has been and remains a book-based discipline, and the requirement that dissertations be published online […]

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Session proposal: Tumblr as Introductory Platform for Digital Scholarship

Scheduled for 3:30-4:20 in Room 601, 66 W 12th Street In this session, I’m interested in exploring Tumblr as an introductory platform for digital scholarship. This session will provide an overview of the platform, strong examples of use rooted in scholarship and access, and finally select and post sample content to our own test blog using […]

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