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Proposal for a session in which you offer to lead a group discussion on a topic or question of interest.

Session Proposal: Open Access and the History Dissertation

Scheduled for 2:30-3:20 in Room 601, 66 W 12th Street In 2013, the American Historical Association put out a statement encouraging graduate programs and university libraries to allow students to embargo their dissertations for up to 6 years. They wrote, “History has been and remains a book-based discipline, and the requirement that dissertations be published online […]

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Session Proposal: Digital Dawdle — Smartphones for Historic Sites

Scheduled for 1:30-2:20 in Theresa Lang Auditorium (202), 55 W 13th Street Digital Dawdle: Walk and Talk around a Historic Site, connecting via Social Media. We scurry by statues, buildings, and historic spots every day without slowing down to take in the atmosphere or soak up the history. How do we slow down the urban walker […]

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Session proposal: What Should the Next THATCamp(s) Look Like?

Scheduled for 1:30-2:20pm in the Hirshon Suite (205), 55 W. 13th Street Whether this is your first THATCamp or your 20th, you are participating in a remarkably wide-reaching process of talking, making, learning, and sharing the digital humanities.  Since the first THATCamp in May 2008 at George Mason University’s Center for History and New Media there have been […]

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Session proposal: What should the ideal Digital Humanities course look like?

Scheduled as part of teaching conversations from 10:45-11:20am at Theresa Lang auditorium, 55 W 13th Street I am wondering how one would design the perfect course for a degree in digital humanities. Should it have technical and non-technical modules at equal measure? Should it have more humanistic modules for those with a stronger technical background, […]

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Session proposal: Humanities GIS. Is there a point(x,y)?

Scheduled for 2:30-3:20 in Hirshon Suite (205), 55 W. 13th Street While the use of GIS for the humanities (particularly history) has been discussed for quite some time now, it still seems to be unclear to many scholars what kind of fundamental new insights GIS is supposed to deliver. Given its nature as positivistic tool that […]

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Session proposal: Tumblr as Introductory Platform for Digital Scholarship

Scheduled for 3:30-4:20 in Room 601, 66 W 12th Street In this session, I’m interested in exploring Tumblr as an introductory platform for digital scholarship. This session will provide an overview of the platform, strong examples of use rooted in scholarship and access, and finally select and post sample content to our own test blog using […]

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